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In this course you will learn about Digital Marketing from Basics with Practical learning. If you like digital marketing then start learning today.What are you waiting for? Make a day useful by reading my blog.

What is Digital Marketing?

  • It is an art of getting customers for a business through online and digital mediums
  • It is much more complex than Traditional Marketing.
  • It has several modules such as Social media ,content marketing, email marketing and so on.

Why digital Marketing?

  • Nowadays,digital marketing is vital for business and brand awareness
  • It has more endless possibilities compared to traditional marketing.
  • As a business person you need to embrace some aspects of digital marketing.
  • In 80’s & 90’s people used to consume content through newspaper, radio, television, magazines and so on .But nowadays people are using social media, search engines, ready blogs and websites.

Is digital marketing a next big thing?

  • yes, of course because business owners have to advertise where people ,in future digital marketing is most successful marketing strategy.
  • If you have a internet connection and laptop anybody can learn digital marketing.
  • It might helpful for your own business or you can work as a freelancer as digital marketer.

Opportunities in digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is a new field.
  • Lots of companies are looking for digital marketing experts.
  • Huge demand for digital marketing experts in the market
  • Digital marketing jobs is one of the highest paying jobs today.

Who & How to learn digital marketing?

  • Anybody can learn digital marketing with a help of laptop and internet ,without any technical knowledge.
  • Self learn is a best way to learn digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing is a fast changing field so, books may not helps much.
  • Try to learn practically from online blogs and courses.
  • Courses may help but it may cost around 50,000 to 75,000 approx.
  • so, Learn from my Blogs and videos to gain knowledge about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing made of?

To become a master in digital marketing ,need to be an expert in the above modules

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