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Integrated digital marketing

What is Integrated Digital marketing?

Integrated digital marketing is a combination of various Digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization[SEO] ,Search Engine Marketing[SEM] ,Content marketing , web development and so on .

Workflow basic modules
modules workflow

In this paragraph ,I am going to explain about the process flow of integrated digital marketing.Most importantly ,Know the basic modules needed for digital marketing .

  • Firstly, Quality content sits at the center.Moreover quality content is a king in digital marketing.
  • Secondly, Email list can drive traffic to your quality content and quality content can help you build your Email List
  • Thirdly, You have search engines which drive traffic to your quality content .Because,you have quality content
  • And similarly ,Social media will help with your quality content.However quality content will help to build your social media Strategy.
  • Finally ,PAID Ads will help to boost your entire digital marketing strategy.
  • And once all these steps are done ,Digital marketing will help you drive sales for your product or service