Native Advertising

Native Advertising is defined as a form of paid advertising where the advertisements adopt to the user interface

What is Native Advertising?

While browsing through websites or social media plateforms you might have come across by seeing Sponsored posts, promotional Stories,Recommended for you .By clicking on that post you might be redirected to third party website.

This is called as Native Advertising.And ,also the advertisement hides in the media format of the platform where it is, unlike Display Advertising ,Native ads looks like part of the interface and doesn’t interrupt the Ux design of web page.

Why Native Advertising?

Display Advertising is loosing its hope as users get immune on Banners(Banner blindness .So,Advertisers have to change their strategy, by changing the behavior ,Native ads become prominent recently.

Reason for Native Ads Preferences

  1. Native Ads were seen 55% more than Display Ads.
  2. Native Ads are less disruptive and allow brands/publishers to deliver their content in a non-salesy way .
Native Advertising

Types of Native Ads

  1. In-feed native ads
  2. In-feed product ads
  3. In-feed social media ads
  4. search ads
  5. Branded content.
  6. Content ecommendation ads
  7. Mobile native ads.
  8. In-ad with native element units.

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